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This community is locked.
We currently only accept friends and friends of friends.
Comment to be considered.

Myself, alongside Zoe [kissthegirl____] are your maintainers.
touchmyandrogyny and cherryxelectric on AIM, respectively.
Please contact one of us if you have any comments/questions/concerns.

002: Frolic, frolic.
Tags: friends only, syntheticrain
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Preeeetty. They look especially gorgeous against the blue sky. I haven't seen bluebonnets in...years, probably. o_0
Yeah, the sky was reeeeally pretty last night.
I think i've asked you like 85 times, but what camera do you use?
haha it's okay.
Olympus C740

Deleted comment

thanks you:D
this is beautiful!
thanks! :)

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Can I join the community? :)
I'm considering doing the project.

Deleted comment

Alright, no more procrastinating. Any vacancies?
I want to do this. :)
I just started.
And have no friends on this journal lol.
And I also love seeing others' photography.
May I join? :]
love this idea. Can I join?
May I please join?
I love photographs and the 365 project and
I'm friends with